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Being an OFW is not FOREVER. There’s no such thing as permanent in this world except CHANGE. So we must prepare, design a plan and a timeline to achieve our goals before the “CHANGE” comes. And at least live a descent life when we are already in the Philippines, spending quality life with our families and enjoying the perks of simple living without being threaten by how to pay the bills.
It started with a seminar in October 2017, then a Profitable Goat Investment “Pa-iwi Package” by DV Boer Farm International. This opened the doors to us and the idea of creating a group to start a sub farm was born… The birth of Goats R Us Farm with the people who share and believes in my VISION. And become Goats R Us – as grass is for our goats, the farm as our family. Friends turn into families then a community turn into reincarnating an agricultural country.


To uplift the lives of the people living in nearby community where the farm is located by providing jobs which alleviate poverty and making their lives productive and worth living.


We share the vision of DV Boer Farm International for the development of sustainable livelihood programs to our fellow OFW’s and to the community where we belong.


Louie Dasalla


Roselily S. Dasalla

HR manager

Ma. Gilrose B. Bautista

Creative and Sales Manager

Nalma Juhuri

Facilities and Logistics Manager

Lyn de Amor Apostol

Facilities and Logistics Manager


Pa-iwi duration: 35 months
Package cost: Php 160,000.00
No. Of heads: 15 heads upgraded goats

Payment Terms:
First Payment: Php 160,000.00 (upon signing of contract)

1st Payout: Php 22,500.00 (After 11 Months)
2nd Payout: Php 45,000.00 (After 19 Months)
3rd Payout: Php 45,000.00 (After 27 Months)
4th Payout: Php 45,000.00 (After 35 Months)
Salvage Value: Php 75,000.00 (After 37th Month – end of the contract)


Paiwi is a Filipino term for “paalaga” or “to be taken care of” in English.


We will ask your bank account and we will deposit your pay-out directly to your account.

Not necessarily. Everything will be handled by the farm but definitely good for you as an investor to know how goat farming works.

Contact us thru our Facebook page or email us at partner@goatsrusfarm.com


We will buy your 30 upgraded does (as per contract)

Definitely! We highly recommend to check out the farm to see how your goats are being taken care of. Please do inform us a few days in advance if you plan to visit the farm.

Purok 3 Barangay Maungib Pura, Tarlac

+63 9477266096


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